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Why delivery service Suppertime is investing in mobile

Restaurant delivery platform, Suppertime, launched its first mobile app before Christmas, now “30 to 40 per cent” of orders to its partner restaurants come via the app.

The Australian start-up has embraced a mobile-first strategy to secure the valuable estate on users’ phones.

“Ultimately the biggest advantage of an app is usability in terms of having a seamless user experience with a native app. It’s more responsive, you can do more interesting things and I think we can see that is certainly the direction that our consumers wanted us to go,” said David Berger, Suppertime co-founder.

“Another key thing to note is the behaviour of app customers in terms of re-order rate, [it] is a lot higher than customers coming through other channels.”

Key features of the app include geolocation, order tracking and ability to save your credit card and address details for a seamless payment process. 

“We are always looking to enhance so we do releases to the app probably once a month and are constantly coming up with new features and new refinements,” Berger said. 

Suppertime, which was acquired by Delivery Hero in October 2015, is positioned as a premium restaurant delivery service, partnering exclusively with restaurants that don’t deliver, like Gelato Messina, to bring foodies their favourite dishes at both their homes and places of work.

International competitor, Deliveroo, entered the Australian market with a similar proposition in November 2015. Despite new entrants the home delivery market continues to grow.

“With more entrants in the market all we are seeing is that the market is growing. We haven’t seen any of our numbers slow down, in fact we are growing faster than we ever have,” Berger said. 

For Suppertime, 2016 is all about growth.

“We want to continue to partner with the best restaurants in Australia and we are working on some very exciting partnerships and as well we are looking to expand geographically,” Berger said. 

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