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Sheet Society steps offline with Armadale flagship

Sheet Society, an online bedroom stylist, has brought its virtual platform into life with the launch of its first flagship store in Armadale. 

The new store, located on High Street, offers a variety of bedroom decorations in natural fabrics and includes a digital tool called Bed Builder which customers can use to personalise their beds, mixing and match styles and fabrics as they wish. 

“Our customers can easily start to build their dream bed and choose from any colour, size or texture by navigating the touch screen,” said Hayley Worley, CEO and co-founder of Sheet Society. 

“It perfectly complements the physical experience of exploring bedding combinations. A bedroom is so personal, and it was important that we created a space where people can not only visualise their dream setting, but feel it and ultimately see themselves in it”.

Golden, a Melbourne-based interior design firm, created the flagship store. The space features natural materials, according to Sheet Society, “with a raked timber-lined ceiling and floor bringing the space together and framing the Sheet Society experience”. Curved walls guide customers throughout the store and frame individual product curations.

“We designed the space with sustainability and longevity in mind,” Ellen Hodson, senior designer, explained. 

“The use of lighting and materials such as travertine and timber reflect an approachable, residential-inspired space. It was important to emulate the brand ethos and create a sense of sanctuary.”

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