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Petstock drives multichannel agenda

There’s never been a more exciting time to buy fish online.

Pet retailer, Petstock, is in the midst of a multichannel push to close the gap between its stores and online offering.

After launching click and collect in November, the Petstock team were surprised one morning to find a customer had purchased a guppy online and were coming in store to collect the live fish.

By default, click and collect was enabled for the live fish and a customer took it upon themselves to buy it online, then head in store and choose their fish.

Brendan Gillen, Petstock’s e-commerce manager, told Internet Retailing the retailer has now enabled click and collect for live crickets, worms and oversize items such as hay, kennels and fish tanks which is proving to be very popular.

Gillen stresses there is no option to buy other live animals such as cats, dogs or small animals online as Petstock advocates adoption.

Petstock is a family-owned business with a mix of franchise and company-owned stores. It has 126 stores Australian stores and five in New Zealand.

Around 12 months ago the chain began a multichannel push to bring the theatre and fun of its stores, as well as the experience of its team members to an online presence.

“We have really great theatre in store,” Gillen said. “Our stores are fun to be in… you can take your pets in there, you can walk your dogs. We wanted to try and make sure we were connecting that in-store experience with our online store.” 

Following a soft trial in November, Petstock rolled out click and collect in 120 Australian stores, and it now makes up 20 per cent of Petstock’s online sales.

Petstock is also trialling three hour delivery using on demand courier services, targeting pet owners who may have run out of pet food and can’t get to the supermarket.

“We are looking at expanding our distribution network, we are currently trialling three-hour delivery in Melbourne metro and Sydney metro, using on-demand courier services,” Gillen said.

“It’s good for us because we can work directly with the drivers. We have obscure products, we might have large kennels right through to a little collar for a cat. Those sorts of drivers are really good for us because of their pricing model.”

Also part of its multichannel push, Petstock has launched live chat and a repeat order program.

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