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Online sports retailer fined for misleading customers

UK sporting goods online retailer Wiggle has been fined $12,600 for misleading Australian consumers about their rights surrounding faulty products.

The retailer provided a court enforceable undertaking to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission admitting that it had likely breached the Australian Consumer Law, and agreed to implement an ACL compliance policy and retrain its customer service staff.

According to the ACCC, Wiggle staff had told Australian consumers that the business was exempt from the ACL as it was based in the UK, and that it wouldn’t provide a refund for faulty products that had been used.

“Consumers are entitled to a repair, replacement or refund when there has been a major problem with the product,” ACCC deputy chair Delia Rickard said.

“This law applies to all businesses that sell products to consumers in Australia, including overseas based businesses.”

Rickard went on to note that the business also told customers they would have to approach the manufacturer in order to get a refund or replacement, which is also a breach of the ACL.

“Consumers are entitled to remedies from the business that sells them a faulty product,” Rickard said.

The business’ website also noted that only English and UK law applied to transactions made through the online store, which has since been amended.

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