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New shipping supplies store opens for Aussie sellers

eBay has launched a Shipping Supplies Store, featuring eBay-branded boxes and packing tape, ahead of the holiday retail season.

The store currently offers red and green-themed Christmas boxes in three sizes along with eBay-branded packing tape and will add more items in the new year. Demand from Aussie sellers directly led to the opening of the store Down Under, according to eBay’s senior director of retail growth Tim MacKinnon.

“Our sellers tell us that cost and convenience are the key factors driving their packaging decisions, so we have been focussed on providing competitively priced, quality products that can be ordered easily online with convenient shipping options,” he told Internet Retailing.

MacKinnon says the eBay-branded packaging will also give smaller sellers a leg-up to compete with large brands that often have their own packaging.

“Sellers that don’t have a well-established brand presence can leverage the eBay brand to deliver trust and excitement to their customers,” MacKinnon said, citing the fact that eBay is the second most influential brand among consumers in Australia. This is according to a 2015 study by Ipsos, which placed eBay behind only Google in terms of influence.

“Delivery is an integral part of the online retail shopping experience and investing in all parts of the customer journey is important,” he continued. “I think consumers love being delighted by quality packaging. We see that with some retailers that put extra effort into their packaging, like Peter’s of Kensignton with their pink boxes.

“We want them at Christmas time to be even more delighted by having a red or green box, or a standard box with eBay tape.”

To promote the Shipping Supplies Store, eBay is giving free packing tape to over 10,000 sellers in the coming week. MacKinnon’s goal is to have one in 10 eBay packages use the branded tape during the holiday season this year.

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