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Last-minute Christmas gift ideas from innovative retailers

It’s one week until Christmas. You haven’t bought any presents. And you work in retail! Your loved ones expect you to be all over the on-trend gifts this season, right? Right. Well, don’t worry, I’m here to help.

Here are some of the best product innovations from 2019 which are bound to make great gifts…

For the foodie

Everyone loves food. And everyone loves ice cream. You can’t go wrong with Peekaboo Chocolate Ice Cream with Hidden Cauliflower. Yummo. Want to enhance potato chips as well? Pick up some Sriracha Cricket Chips. No, not cricket as in the dulcet tones of Shane Warne sending you into an afternoon nap. Cricket as in “chirp, chirp”. But let’s get serious. You want to help someone live all their food dreams? Three words… beer with breakfast. Pick up a can of the Kelloggs’ Corn Flakes Nitro Milkshake IPA. Guaranteed to get Christmas morning off to a strong start. 

Source: Kelloggs

For the fashionistas

Choosing clothes for family and friends is difficult, if not dangerous. But not if they are also practical. Leading the pack is Aftersocks. These are socks with sturdy soles that can replace high heels at the end of a long night. Perfect for party season! Pair this with the latest anti-surveillance clothing and you’ve got the makings of a wild night. Of course, if this is all a bit too extra, a pair of tie-dyed crocs should please most. So comfy.


Source: Crocs

For the techie

Smart speakers and fitness trackers were so last year. The hottest tech products this year is straight from the Vatican. Yes, you heard right. The eRosary beads will guide you through prayer while tracking your fitness levels. Perfect for training to climb the eternal stairway. But while we are stuck on this ever-heating earth, you may want to consider the Wave bracelet, which will warm or cool your body temperature with the touch of a button. Take that global warming.

Source: Acer

For the significant other

Let’s get personal. Gwyneth of “unconscious uncoupling” fame, has brought “intimate wellness” products out of the dark corners of the web and made them look like they belong in an art gallery. Still a bit too forthright? Crave have created the Vesper which is “designed for beautiful experiences in public and in private, both as elegant jewellery and a strong slim vibrator”. And it can be engraved with a personalised message! A sure-fire winner and can be opened in front of Grandma.

Source: Crave

For the experimental uncle

You know who he is. He always has a bad back and a large basement which no one has ever seen. I get a feeling you can’t go wrong with CBD-infused beer and lollies. If that heals his bad back, he might also be interested in some CBD-infused activewearsparkling water and foot cream to achieve his “new year, new you” goals. (Hint: stay close to this uncle. He is about to ride a big wave). 


Source: Plus

For the retail tragic

We all know them. Christmas morning is spent pouring over last week’s sales results and Boxing Day is socks up, game face on!  And what better way to celebrate their love of retail than a Bunnings lego set, a coffee table book of Aesop store fit-outs or matching McDonald’s french fries pyjamas. Let the retail freak flag fly! 

Image result for building block warehouse bunnings

Source: 7News

For the impossible to buy for

Throwing out a few sure-fire winners for anyone. A wearable chair that allows you to sit any wear. Lynx bodyspray in-car deodoriser format. Yes, it comes in Africa scent. This $3300 Chanel basketball. Anything from the Marie Kondo store – especially useful for those who threw out everything after reading her book. Go forth and spark joy.

Source: Supercheap Auto

I hope this helpful guide has given you all the tips you need to prove to your family that you are on top of retail’s hottest retail trends. Merry Christmas.

Editor’s note: This article is not sponsored. Neither the author nor Inside Retail has been paid to mention these products, and neither the author nor Inside Retail will be compensated in any way for the purchase of these products.

Nathan Bush is the founder of e-commerce consultancy at 12HIGH. He was previously group digital manager at Super Retail Group and was placed in the Top 50 People in E-commerce four years in a row.

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