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Hello Molly looks beyond digital marketing

Sydney-based e-commerce boutique, Hello Molly, this week released its first ever television commercial, marking the online retailer’s first foray beyond digital marketing.

Launching during the premiere of Love Island, the commercial features Australian models Dominique Faludi, Tess Homann and Eileen Cassidy and showcases the Hello Molly’s range of on-trend eventwear.

Hello Molly operations manager Ena Eaton said it was a strategic decision to align the brand with the much-anticipated reality television show.

“Hello Molly has always focused on digital marketing channels but this project was really exciting or us as an opportunity to support traditional Australian media and align ourselves with a show we believe will be a huge success across the country,” Eaton said.

She said the commercial’s success may lead to more offline brand-building opportunities in future.

This would mark a shift for the e-commerce business, which until now has grown primarily through social media and digital channels.

Started in 2012, Hello Molly now ships to more than 130 countries and has offices in Sydney, Los Angeles and Beijing.

But Eaton noted the brand will continue to leverage digital channels, even as it embraces traditional marketing.

“As always, our marketing across every channel will continue to align and demonstrate why we’ve earned our reputation as one of Australia’s favourite shops for on-trend eventwear,” she said.

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