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Logistics & Fulfilment

Amazon launches virtual tours of its warehouses

Amazon Australia is opening up its fulfilment centres in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane to customer tours – well, virtually, at least.

Customers will be able to take free live virtual tours of the sites four days a week, and see how the contents of their online shopping cart make it from the warehouse to their door, as well as get “up close and personal” with Amazon’s fulfilment technology. Virtual guides will introduce some of the people who pick, pack, and ship orders throughout Australia and customers will be able to see the vast quantities of products stored at the fulfilment centres, ready to ship.

“At Amazon, our promise is all about providing great value and fast delivery for our customers,” said Mindy Espidio-Garcia, director of operations at Amazon Australia. 

“In order to do that, we’ve hired talented employees from right across the country, and invested in the systems and technology to support them. With online shopping now a part of everyday life, this is the perfect opportunity for customers to join us for an hour to see what happens after they place their order.”

The free tours will last one hour, and Australians can reserve them online via the Amazon website

In April, Amazon Australia opened the doors to its Sydney Robotic Fulfilment Centre, Australia’s first and largest robotics warehouse, spanning 200,000sqm across four levels.

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