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World’s largest online retailers ranked on site usability

The world’s largest online retailers, including Walmart, Sephora and Starbucks, have been ranked according to the health and usability of their websites.

Released by e-commerce monitoring company, Shoppimon, the inaugural OSHU (Online Site Health & Usability) Index compares the performance of leading e-commerce sites across a variety of KPIs, including site speed, server downtime, business downtime (% of time a purchase cannot be completed on the site), and technical issues.

The inaugural Index compares online stores within nine vertical industry categories: apparel, automotive supplies, beauty, consumer electronics, department store, food & beverage, health & wellness, home & garden, and jewelry.

Seven of the nine categories were represented in the top 10 top-ranking sites overall, with auto parts company Summit Racing, mattress company Saatva Mattress, subscription beauty business Birchbox, auto manufacturer Toyota and grocery company Whole Foods Market rounding out the top five.

Notably, no jewelry or consumer electronics sites made it into the top 10.

Roy Rosinnes, CEO and co-founder of Shoppimon pointed out that no site in the top 10 had business downtime of more than 0.1 per cent and all had 0.0 per cent server downtime during the period evaluated.

“Top performing online stores on the Shoppimon OSHU Index like Summit Racing, which earned the top spot on our inaugural ranking, are able to maintain lightning fast speed with minimal downtime and disruption for shoppers,” Rosinnes said.

“With a full load time of 0.36 seconds and zero business downtime, Summit Racing deserves kudos for providing a great brand experience for consumers as well as maximizing bottom line sales.

Shoppimon said it will update the OSHU Index monthly to help educate site owners and operators on best practices in running a stable, profitable online store.

Here are the Top 10 Shoppimon OSHU Index Overall Winners for September 2017:

  1. Summit Racing, OSHU Score: 99.10 (Category: automotive supplies)
  2. Saatva Mattress, OSHU Score: 98.67 (Category: home & garden)
  3. Birchbox, OSHU Score: 98.66 (Category: beauty)
  4. Toyota, OSHU Score: 98.25 (Category: automotive supplies)
  5. Whole Foods Market, OSHU Score: 98.24 (Category: food & beverage)
  6. Dollar Shave Club, OSHU Score: 98.08 (Category: health & wellness)
  7. J.Crew, OSHU Score: 97.47 (Category: apparel)
  8. JCPenney, OSHU Score: 97.45 (Category: department store)
  9., OSHU Score: 97.14 (Category: food & beverage)
  10. lookfantastic, OSHU Score: 97.13 (Category: beauty)

Top OSHU Index Vertical Category Winners for September 2017

Below are the Top 3 winners per category, based on OSHU Index, with their relative OSHU Scores.


  1. J.Crew, OSHU Score: 97.47
  2. ASOS, OSHU Score: 96.94
  3. Talbots, OSHU Score: 96.78

Automotive Supplies

  1. Summit Racing, OSHU Score: 99.10,
  2. Toyota, OSHU Score: 98.25,
  3. Tire Rack, OSHU Score: 95.47


  1. Birchbox, OSHU Score: 98.66
  2. lookfantastic, OSHU Score: 97.13
  3. Beauty Bay, OSHU Score: 97.02

Consumer Electronics

  1. Fitbit, OSHU Score: 95.77
  2. Samsung, OSHU Score: 95.56
  3. Apple, OSHU Score: 93.70

Department Store

  1. JCPenney OSHU Score: 97.45
  2. Marks & SpencerOSHU Score: 96.86
  3. SearsOSHU Score: 96.62

Food & Beverage

  1. Whole Foods Market, OSHU Score: 98.24
  2., OSHU Score: 97.14
  3. SodaStream, OSHU Score: 94.97

Health & Wellness

  1. Dollar Shave Club, OSHU Score: 98.08
  2. iHerb, OSHU Score: 97.09
  3. Weight Watchers, OSHU Score: 95.06

Home & Garden

  1. Saatva Mattress, OSHU Score: 98.67
  2. Wayfair, OSHU Score: 95.09
  3. RH, OSHU Score: 94.34


  1. Ritani, OSHU Score: 96.83
  2. Tiffany & Co., OSHU Score: 94.16
  3. Zales, OSHU Score: 92.81

OSHU Index Insights on Amazon

Amazon is noticeably missing from the overall Shoppimon OSHU Index, because unlike companies such as ASOS or Bloomingdale’s that run e-commerce sites like the online equivalent of a brick and mortar retail store, Amazon behaves as a huge online mall – with many independent, and separately managed stores, open for shoppers to visit 24/7.

Shoppimon did monitor a small sample of Amazon stores to determine if Amazon’s “gold standard” in customer experience extends to its onsite shopping performance. The Amazon stores Shoppimon evaluated received an average OSHU Score of 92.08, nearly 4 points ahead of the average score of the full index, but 6 points behind OSHU’s Top 3. Shoppimon plans to expand its sample size of Amazon stores in the future to better understand how Amazon is performing.

Here are the Top 3 Amazon stores:

  1. Summit Racing, OSHU Score: 99.10,
  2. Saatva Mattress, OSHU Score: 98.67
  3. Birchbox, OSHU Score: 98.66
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