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Wine writer Jeremy Oliver launches online platform

Famous wine critic Jeremy Oliver has launched a new online platform that showcases a selection of Australian and international wines that he recommends.

“Consumers are being fed the lie they should be happy to buy wines simply because they are cheaper than their typical retail price, rather than because they will actually enjoy the contents of the bottle,” said Oliver as he explained his new platform Oliver’s Wines.

“In short, we want to help the wine buyer through the provision of unbiased information and truly personalised recommendation.”

Oliver’s Wines comes with no subscription fee and does not charge wine producers to taste and rate their wines.

Oliver said that his platform aims to help the wine industry by removing media coverage-related costs and by supporting wine brands that focus on quality.

“We’re providing wine enthusiasts with a place to learn, research, engage with and buy from. We’re not at all interested in discounting wines; we just want to ensure that people enjoy the wines they are buying online,” said Oliver.

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