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Review Web hosting providers

Web Hosting Providers: An In-Depth Review

In order for us to perform a web hosting in-depth review, we must first understand what web hosting is. So in layman’s terms, let me quickly explain what exactly a web host is and what it does. Imagine you have spent hours, or weeks, making your own homepage and when it’s done you want to show it to the world through the Internet. This is where the web host company comes in.

These companies have computers, called servers. Each server comes with its own IP address which is hooked into the Internet and able to “speak” with other servers around the planet. After you have made a contract with a web host company, you are able to upload your homepage to their server computer. You will be given or will be able to choose a web address.

From that point on, your homepage is now able to be viewed by millions around the world. That’s probably the most beautiful thing with having a website. You are able to connect with anyone, from fellow Aussies to people in a completely different continent. However, in order to attract “traffic” to your site, you need to think of ways to tempt people to visit.

In recent year’s web hosting companies offer clients a variety of different packages. The reason for these deals is because there are now umpteen web hosts fighting for new clients – it is a cut-throat business. Since the earlier part of the 21st century, the number of web hosting companies has increased dramatically and this has caused fees for server space to drop drastically.

So now you’re up to par on what exactly web hosting is and I will now endeavor to explain the various types of web hosting available. First there is free web hosting services. These companies make their money primarily through advertising. Clients are able to upload their homepage to the web, however space is limited and so are services. More often than not, internet traffic is slow and it is generally recommended that someone with little or no experience use a free web hosting company to gain experience.

Shared web hosting is another form of web hosting. The client uploads his or her homepage to the same server as thousands of other homepages. All server hardware i.e. CPU, ram, etc, is shared among the clients. Although this may be a cheaper way of getting your homepage out on the net, your page is just one spoke in a wheel of thousands of other spokes.

One other web hosting option is the dedicated hosting service. This web hosting service gives the client full control over their server space. In other words, the client has access to the root directory of Linux and Windows. He or she does not, however, own the server. This particular web hosting service allows the client to self manage their own website on the server. It is also very expensive.

There are other types or packages offered by web hosting companies but the most popular among them is the Shared Hosting because it is the cheapest.

If you seriously want to set up your own website and don’t want to spend a fortune every month, then first of all find a good, reliable web hosting provider; there are many out in the internet world. If you look hard enough I’m sure you will find cheap web hosting somewhere that fits your needs.

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