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Turning podcasts into video content

Podcasts are growing in popularity as a content medium, with some positive stats for podcast creators.

Over two-thirds, 37 per cent, of Australians aged over 12 listen to podcasts each month according to the report Edison Research Infinite Dial 2021. That’s a huge jump from 25 per cent of Australians listening in 2020. This is why we are seeing big media players throwing increasing budgets at their podcasting resources.

Many of you may be all over this trend, by hosting your own podcast or pushing your own PR as a guest across multiple programs. You may have even gotten yourself radio time (radio is still a popular medium for information sharing).

Any way that you create audio content is beneficial, so how do you promote your audio-only content across visual platforms like Instagram and Facebook? Obviously, the easiest way is to throw a camera into the mix at the time of recording. But if you’re left with audio content that has no video, or looking to use archived audio content there are other ways that you can add images to your non-visual content.

There are great websites or content creators that can create waveform videos with your audio content. A waveform is an animation that moves with the changes and inflections of your voice. Try

Text animation or captions
How professional you create these will depend on your branding and how often you want to post this type of content. You can easily create a video that could simply be your headshot, with the audio over the top. To allow your viewers to engage without the use of sound, you can create captions with websites like Another option is to use a text animation template, it will cost more to create but look so impressive across social media.
Something like this brings in branding and moving text animation:
Or as simple as this:

Use stock video or vision from your own video library
To really better your content across visual platforms, it’s great to keep a library of video clips that you can use at any time. Whether it be stock footage you’ve purchased, or by getting a videographer on board to capture an array of moments, products and footage that makes sense to your brand. This type of video you can use over and over again – taking the clips that are relevant to the audio.

Consider how your audience consumes content. This may mean editing your audio into short pieces, not just one long interview. Find your most thought-provoking and relevant quotes from the audio piece and turn each one into its own video. You may end up with ten snappy pieces of content out of one half an hour interview. The other benefit of this is that they become so much easier to use across multiple platforms and potentially can be repeat posted. Can you see the theme here…even more content?

The right type of content, that tells your brand’s story, that is engaging and relevant to the right target audience, can have a huge impact on your business. So, while it is a lot easier to start with video and cut it down to audio than it is to add video to sound bites. It’s well worth the effort.

The story originally appeared on Inside Small Business.

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