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Trade Me marks 25 years with a nod to its craziest listings

New Zealand marketplace Trade Me has revealed its weirdest and most talked-about listings from its inception in 1999 to the present, as it celebrates its 25th birthday this month. 

There will be a combination of listings with a high number of views and memorable items that still have the country talking years later. 

“Trade Me has this ability to reflect New Zealand back to itself. Our list includes references to events like the ban on smoking indoors, single-use plastic bags, and the impact of Covid-19. It’s a fascinating look back at moments in our collective history,” said Trade Me’s senior manager of communications Jessamy Malcolm Cowper. 

“For example, back in 2009, when smoking indoors was banned, we saw an infamous ‘last cigarette’ listed onsite which was said to be legally smoked inside Malt restaurant and bar in Auckland, at 11:59pm on December 9, 2004 before the smoke-free legislation came into force. It ended up being sold for $7475 and racked up more than 100,000 views.”

The listings feature a cultural milestone when the country became enamoured with Lord of the Rings, after the popular movie franchise was made in New Zealand and aired here in 2003.

The listings also include the Tana Umaga handbag, Helen Clark’s beehive sketches and John Key’s signed plaster cast. 

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