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Too Good To Go launches mobile marketplace for surplus food in Melbourne

Too Good To Go is launching in Australia, starting with Melbourne. The Danish social impact company aims to reduce food waste by helping households and businesses through its mobile marketplace app.

The app provides a free marketplace for retailers, restaurants, bakeries, and cafes to sell their surplus food, preventing it from going to waste. Users can purchase ‘Too Good To Go Surprise Bags’ which contain unsold food at half or less than the original price.

Established in 2015, the company boasts a record of 90 million registered users and 155,000 active partners across 17 countries, making it one of the world’s largest marketplaces for surplus food. It also offers Too Good To Go Platform, an AI-powered end-to-end solution for retailers, with modular software that tracks and redistributes surplus food.

Mette Lyke, CEO of Too Good To Go, said the company is already recruiting a local team in Melbourne to help support its vision.

“We dream of a planet with no food waste, and Australia plays a powerful, positive role in that vision,” said Lyke. “We look forward to working closely with local retailers and the food service industry to help them make the most of their invaluable food.”

Australia has committed to halving its annual food waste by 2030, in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 (SDG 12.3). The federal government published the National Food Waste Strategy in 2017 to support and stimulate collective action towards reducing food waste.

Joost Rietveld, country director for Too Good To Go Australia, emphasised the need for collective action and to rally around innovative ways to reduce food waste.

“It is ambitious, but feasible,” Rietveld concluded. 

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