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The future of fragrance? Ninu launches personalised perfumes using AI

In a world first, people can now create their personal perfume combinations instantly with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

Inspired by Peter Florjancic, a Slovenian innovator who helped with the rise of the perfume industry more than 70 years ago, the team of product designers and engineers at Ninu came up with a patent-pending innovation that enables users to tailor their perfume to match every mood and occasion. 

Users can customise their scents together with AI perfume master called Pierre through different perfume fusions with just a few simple taps on their phone.

They will have full control over their scent preference. Too strong for work? Tone it down. Feeling excited? Add an exotic note. Users will also receive an alert when their scents are running out as the AI application will notify users to refill their cartridges. 

With 120 billion units of packaging produced every year by the global cosmetics industry, Ninu also wants to be part of the global sustainability movement. This is made possible by using earth-friendly technologies like natural ink in packaging cartons, having a cartridge refill system, and using less packaging to scale down plastic consumption. All perfume bottles are made from recycled glass, and all fragrance oils are 100-per-cent vegan and sustainably sourced from France. 

Ninu perfume launched worldwide today, January 11, at the CES virtual show in Las Vegas.

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