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Taking your business across the Tasman? Some things to consider

The Australian e-commerce market is the 11th largest in the world with US$31.3 billion in revenue in 2021 with 15 per cent year-on-year growth. The e-commerce growth will continue to fuel phenomenal opportunities for Australian cross-border trade with the opportunity for Australian businesses to reach global audiences.

New Zealand is not only Australia’s closest natural ally but also a strong cross-border trade partner for both small and medium businesses.

New Zealand is Australia’s seventh largest trading partner, with two-way trade of goods and services accounting for $29 billion in 2022. Australia and New Zealand share a strong Trans-Tasman bilateral economic and trade relationship, widely recognised as one of the closest, broadest, and most mutually beneficial in the world.

The Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement (CER or ANZCERTA) and Single economic market (SEM) have boosted the trade flows for the Trans-Tasman business environment for businesses to operate across the Transman.

Today businesses can take advantage of improved connectivity on the Trans-Tasman trade lane. For example, the increased capacity on regular flights connecting Christchurch, Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney through the Trans-Tasman service.

For small-business owners, wearing multiple hats is the norm. From managing operations to marketing and customer service, you have to handle it all. So, when it comes to taking your business global, the challenges can seem daunting.

It’s crucial to develop a strong expansion plan that takes into account the unique considerations of expanding into new markets, including New Zealand.

Here are some key tips for Australian small businesses considering exporting to New Zealand:

Understand the regulations at play

Expanding into New Zealand means complying with export controls and customs regulations. Familiarise yourself with these regulations to avoid any setbacks or penalties. Use a reputable clearance agent.

Getting the logistics right

To best manage transportation and delivery costs, develop a comprehensive logistics strategy for export to New Zealand. By shipping in larger volumes to a local holding facility, you can achieve cost savings and maintain consistent service levels. Additionally, explore digital-based solutions to help with monitoring efficient shipping, tracking, and streamlined international business processes.

To meet customer expectations, evaluate your existing delivery options and consider supplementing them with additional services. Your new customers will expect speed, competitive pricing, and convenient return options. Leveraging a combination of services can provide you with flexible and cost-effective shipping solutions.

Simplifying the trans-Tasman expansion

By developing a comprehensive expansion plan, leveraging the expertise of logistics providers, and considering the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each market, you can take your business global with confidence. Embrace the journey, stay adaptable, and unlock the tremendous growth potential that awaits your small business beyond borders.

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