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SurfStitch alums regroup for new venture

SurfStitch co-founder Lex Pedersen has teamed up with two former directors of the company, newly-departed global marketing director, Martin Corr, and former director of business integration, Clover Chambers, to launch PeriscoPe, an e-commerce consultancy.

Launching yesterday with offices in both Queensland and Sydney, PeriscoPe caters to businesses across the APAC region, offering assistance in the development and delivery of e-commerce strategies across operations, technology and marketing.

The team bills itself as a one-stop-shop for experience in every element of e-commerce, including shipping and logistics, process and efficiency management, data visualisation, customer experience and digital marketing.

The three SurfStitch alums have hired fellow SurfStitcher Nathan Crouch, who previously headed up the global group’s digital marketing division.

Pedersen said he also brings lessons learnt at SurfStitch – and one can presume there are many – to the new venture.

“After more than a  decade in e-commerce, I’ve absorbed many an invaluable lesson. The irony is that the principals are quite simple but the number of cogs that need to turn in a business-wide, synchronised manner are considerable. I believe that only when you have this holistic view will you be poised to truly extract your digital revenue potentials and cross channel sustainability,” he said.

“Growing a businesses isn’t just profitable for the leaders of that business; it’s something I find deeply satisfying, probably due to my competitive nature. To be able to not only focus on my own area of expertise in e-commerce, but get that satisfaction from contributing to and participating in that growth for a larger number of businesses is definitely win, win, win from my perspective,” he said.

Corr added that the company already has “a lot of interesting work” in the pipeline, which will be announced as as appropriate.

“We’re already finding that there’s a lot of businesses with extremely varied core propositions looking for more tangible results than they’re currently getting. That’s what PeriscoPe delivers through our experience, people and vision,” he said.

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