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Stylerunner launches VIP shopping service

Stylerunner’s 2015 Christmas campaign focuses on bringing bricks and mortar-style customer service to the world of online shopping.

Stylerunner has launched the Christmas Concierge, which consists of a team of product experts to provide gift ideas to shoppers via phone, live chat or email.

Stylerunner CEO, Julie Stevanja, says the campaign is all about providing the same level of face-to-face customer service through online channels as you find in physical stores. 

“We are always looking at what can we do to replicate that experience you get when you walk into a store,” Stevanja said.

The VIP shopping service offers personalised recommendations based on information such as who consumers are shopping for and how much they’d like to spend.

“We will help make suggestions based on our knowledge of all the brands we have that we think would be the most suitable for them.”

Stylerunner has trained additional staff, working a morning and evening shift, to offer the service from 0800 to 2000.

“If it goes well, we may even extend it even later, again replicating what retail stores do very close to Christmas,” Stevanja said.

Stevanja said they will push the Christmas campaign up until December 22 for delivery within Australia and December 17 for international orders.

All orders placed in December will be shipped for free in a Christmas box designed by acclaimed illustrator Aaron Favoloro, pictured above. 

The illustrations from the Christmas boxes are also used as individual social media posts, to promote the service through Instagram, a key platform for the young brand.

“With Facebook’s algorithms, which are now strongly pushing the paid advertising, you just don’t get anywhere near the same level of organic reach,” Stevanja said. “So it’s a far better place for us to spend our time on Instagram.”  

Julie Stevanja will discuss her experience of building a fitness business through Instagram at Inside Retail Academy’s upcoming one-day intensive workshop titled, ‘Managing Marketing in a Multichannel Retail environment’.

The ‘Managing Marketing in a Multichannel Retail Environment’ events take place at The Sheraton Melbourne on Tuesday February 23, and The Sheraton Sydney on Wednesday February 24, 2016. Early bird tickets are now available for purchase. For more information click here

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