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Startups in sharing economy get NSW government backing

Last night was the official launch of The Sharing Hub, Australia’s first sharing economy accelerator. Matt Kean, Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation in NSW, opened the event.

Based in Pyrmont, NSW, the hub brings together 28 of Australia’s leading sharing economy startups, providing access to education, mentorship and investment opportunities, as well as space to collaborate and share advice and experiences.

The hub aims to work with government and policy makers to share key insights about the industry.

“We are already working with some of Australia’s most innovative P2P platforms and rolling out a series of events to teach how the gig economy can help business and consumers utilise idle assets and services.

“Our efforts also include working with the University of Sydney to teach budding entrepreneurs the fundamentals of this sector, alongside creating a graduate program to help create world class talent,” said Mike Rosenbaum, one of the co-founders of The Sharing Hub.

The three other co-founders include: Will Davies, CEO and co-founder of Car Next Door, Steve Orenstein, CEO and founder of Zoom2U, and Alexis Soulopoulos, CEO and co-founder of Mad Paws.

The NSW government is taking an active role in boosting the sharing economy through organisations like The Sharing Hub, according to Matt Kean, Minster for Innovation and Better Regulation.

“Research shows the sharing economy is booming in NSW, with revenue generated by key players growing 68 per cent in 12 months from $1.6 billion to $2.6 billion,” he said.

Over the past year alone, the number of people earning an income through sharing economy platforms in NSW has doubled from 45,000 to 92,000 people. The hub’s vision is to grow collaborative consumption in Australia 20 times over by 2025.

“The sharing economy is still in its infancy, and there are endless potential to enable P2P exchanges through technology. This new and alternative socio-economic system embeds sharing, community, collaboration and trust at its heart, which is why The Sharing Hub has been launched to help companies succeed in this space and help consumers make a second income,” said Soulopoulos.


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