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Social Annex, Shop.ORg’s standout Product


Tech-savvy retailers will hope to get a healthy share of Shop.Org’s forecast $96B in eCommerce sales for 2012 holiday traffic. As of August, Pinterest beat out Yahoo! to become the fourth largest traffic source in the world according to a study by Shareaholic.

Whilst the appetite for onsite social tools is expanding rapidly it is fast becoming important for retailers to keep reliable ROI data from their social community. The beacon for retailers is Social Annex. Offering the most comprehensive suite of onsite social tools on one dashboard it is a solid analytical application that can display conversion rates and real ROI. Social Annex has managed to attract plenty of interest, investment and expertise in Silicon Valley,and was a stand-out tool at Shop.Org’s asocialannexnnual conference held in Denver last month. With the applications in place at Social Annex the line between a retailer and social user has been redefined and reconnected in an organic way.

“Tracking social ROI is relatively new, but it has proven to significantly generate incremental revenue. Social ROI does work, the next step is understanding how it works for your business and implementing your strategy accordingly – It’s all about the numbers.” Says Jordan Glassberg Head of Business Development at Social Annex.

Online menswear company Bonobos, for example, provided an incentive for its Twitter followers by unlocking a discount code after its messages were resent a certain number of times. As a result of this effort, almost 100 consumers bought products from the site for the first time. The campaign delivered a 1,200 percent return on investment in just 24 hours.

Social Annex has 20+ tools that help to socialize eCommerce clients through a variety of different ways. For example their “Share and save” tool helps to augment web traffic, brand exposure and even lead to potential sales. When you “share” a product it is immediately placed in the users’ newsfeed, allowing your product to be exposed to their entire social network. A consumer is enticed to do this for a small discount, and definitely pays its share of dividends. Social Annex is seeing social “shares” generating revenue for clients.

To date Social Annex customers are mid-sized enterprises primarily focusing on retail. They are companies that are looking to further develop or grow into the social environment while also driving incremental revenue. In the spirit of transparency, Social Annex also publishes a competitive landscape matrix:




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