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Logistics & Fulfilment

Singapore Post launches SP Commerce

Singapore Post is expanding its logistics and e-commerce footprint in the US to connect the world’s largest retail market with China and wider Asia Pacific markets.

Under the new banner, SP Commerce, the SingPost company will offer a global logistics solution. SP Commerce is made up of SingPost’s e-commerce division and two new US acquisitions, TradeGlobal holdings and Jagged Peak.

“The launch of SP Commerce marks a significant milestone in SingPost’s transformation from a domestic postal service provider to a global commerce logistics enabler,” said Marcelo Wesseler, CEO of SingPost eCommerce.

“We are well positioned to provide a gateway for brands and retailers with sights set on international markets to grow their businesses leveraging our existing capabilities as well as newly acquired infrastructure and knowledge.”

SP Commerce solutions include webstore development and operations, global fulfilment, omnichannel order management, cross-border commerce, performance marketing, and customer care services.  

“Other than bringing businesses abroad, we are focused on facilitating commerce in the domestic US market as we believe that a strong business foundation in the home market makes a solid springboard for global expansion,” Wesseler said.

SingPost operates more than 50 distribution centres across 18 countries and provides end-to-end e-commerce logistics solutions to more than 100 mono-brand including Adidas, Calvin Klein and Muji.

In 2015, SingPost’s domestic e-commerce orders increased 384 per cent year on year in South East Asia and Australia during Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping period.

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