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Showpo hits major milestone

Showpo has come a long way from the days of sending orders out of founder Jane Lu’s garage.

The online fashion retailer received its millionth order this week and marked the occasion with an impromptu parade and a glamorous lunch for 150 lucky Sydney-based customers.


“To celebrate, we initially paraded down George Street (Sydney) with inflatable Santa suits, balloons and ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ bellowing from a speaker on repeat,” said Kelly McCarren, Showpo’s head of PR and content, in a statement.

“We caused quite the stir and announced the news obnoxiously over a megaphone repeatedly, while also wishing people ‘Merry Christmas’ and stopping for snaps with laughing folk on the street.”

The retailer then sent out ‘golden tickets’ to Sydney-based customers, inviting 150 people to join the team for lunch yesterday, with a lolly buffet, champagne, cocktails, and over $6,000 of gift vouchers attached to Showpo branded balloons as a lucky dip.

“It was such a fun impromptu party…It’s such an exciting milestone to see how far we’ve come and who better to celebrate with than some of our awesome customers!” said founder and CEO Jane Lu.

Showpo models Mia Perkins, Brooke Nash, and Sophie Sheppard were also in attendance to celebrate.

Showpo is currently sitting on a $35 million run-rate and is gearing up to reach a $100 million run-rate by 2020 with no external funding.

Following the launch of Amazon in Australia last week, Lu said she wasn’t concerned about the added competition.

With a same-day delivery campaign launching today and sales at an all-time high, Showpo is wrapping up 2017 on a strong note.

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