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Shopify applies for patent for personalised AI-generated images

Shopify has applied for a patent for “tuning AI-generated images” that will enable users to personalise AI-generated images in advertising, Patent Drop has reported.

With the new patent applied for, Shopify would allow merchants to generate and edit photos of their products through a “deep learning generative model” trained on large sets of ‘regularisation images’ based on collected data from online storefront, such as product images and categories, and customer interaction data.

“Where the images generated by a model are determined to be deficient, users may need to re-run the model by, for example, changing text prompts multiple times until the output is satisfactory,” Shopify said, as quoted by Patent Drop.

Shopify began launching generative AI tools early last year, with generating product descriptions as its first offering.

After that, the company launched ‘Shopify Magic’, allowing merchants to use generative fill for photo backgrounds and AI-powered conversational search.

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