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Sherpa offers no Christmas cut-off as demand for same-day delivery grows

Sherpa’s ascent as Australia’s number one same-day delivery provider continues to reach new heights, with the award-winning company forecasting a bumper 15-20 per cent growth on last year’s festive season bookings, as Australians’ appetite for same-day delivery shows no signs of slowing down even post-pandemic.

“There’s no question that even the Sherpa team itself was astounded by the unprecedented demand for our service during the height of Covid-19 but even now – with no restrictions on retail trade and lockdown-related limitations on social interaction having ended some time ago – we’re still seeing an incredible and ongoing swell in demand for same-day delivery,” says Sherpa CEO, Duncan Brett.

Australians today have clearly embraced the convenience and value of online shopping, with same-day delivery services in large part responsible for what is now considered a permanent change in consumer shopping habits. 

“Consumers today generally have a mentality that they “want it now”. Because Sherpa is synonymous with same-day delivery and we have set the timeframe bar so high, we are delivering a lot more during key retail periods, working with a lot more businesses and covering a much wider area of the country than ever before.

“Same-day delivery is here to stay and businesses that aren’t embracing the benefits of e-commerce and same-day delivery will sadly be missing out on lucrative opportunities this Christmas shopping season,” adds Brett.

Sherpa – an Australian scale-up founded in 2014 – is the country’s largest same-day delivery provider by volume of deliveries. Essentially a technology platform that connects independent courier professionals with businesses large and small, Sherpa is guaranteeing delivery until 6pm on Christmas Eve.

“You’d struggle to find another delivery service that can guarantee same-day delivery right up until 6pm on Christmas Eve, with no Christmas cut-off date for businesses that book via Sherpa.

“Sherpa has worked with more than 70,000 businesses. We’ve completed greater than 7 million same-day deliveries, and we have the nation’s largest fleet, exceeding 11,000 drivers. We now operate across 21 Australian cities, covering more than 75 per cent of the population… and that has all happened in less than a decade of operation.

“We have no set-up fees, no technology fees and no subscription fees. Our customers can simply pay per delivery and we offer one-hour, two-hour, four-hour and same-day delivery services.

“We have a range of service options including full API integration for enterprise-level large-volume bookings, bulk CSV upload services for large-volume bookings without tech integration, or a simple single booking process via our website or the Sherpa app.

“We’re especially adept when it comes to scalability. We can rapidly respond to our customers’ delivery needs, without incurring exponential growth in costs to our partners. 

“Testament to the strength of Sherpa’s model is the fact that our major retail partners, such as Woolworths, are giving us more volume than even last year. This time last year, their customers were forced to choose this option. Now, it has proven itself and they continue to choose same-day delivery for its value and convenience.

“Today, Sherpa proudly delivers for Australia’s largest retailers across six categories: alcohol, groceries, flowers, medical, technology and auto-parts. Furthermore, we’ve added new enterprise customers in new categories too as the demand for same-day delivery persists to explode.

“We’re highly experienced and fully equipped to cater to Australians’ expectations for fast delivery, especially during peak retail periods.

“We’re geared up and all systems go for Christmas 2022 – again, with no cut-off date and guaranteed same-day delivery right up until 6pm on Saturday 24 December,” adds Brett.

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