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Sendle boosts international pickup services in Melbourne

Parcel delivery service Sendle is expanding its international pick up service in Melbourne to meet local demand during the pandemic.

The company has added 74 more suburbs to its pick up zone for international deliveries, increasing its Melbourne coverage by 25 percent, with more than 344 postcodes now in the pick up zone.

“Melbourne has been the e-commerce engine driver during Covid-19 and we’ve witnessed our customers shipping at record levels,” said James Chin Moody, CEO and co-founder of Sendle.

“Expanding our international pick up zone will help even more small businesses ship their products internationally and keep growing online as we continue  to experience one of the biggest shifts to eCommerce the world has ever seen.”

Sendle said its overseas deliveries more than doubled last year. The most popular products picked up in Melbourne by Sendle included beer, fabric, painting supplies, books, toys, coffee and tea.

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