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Sell to 660K Kiwis on Trade Me

Trade Me and ChannelAdvisor Open up NZ’s Biggest Marketplace totrademe Australian Retailers
ChannelAdvisor has announced their new arrangement with Trade Me ( which will provide Australian retailers with the opportunity to get their merchandise in front of more than 660,000 Kiwis who visit Trade Me each day.

Retailers will not only earn greater visibility for their products in such a well-known and trusted marketplace, but will also be able to better manage multiple e-commerce channels, and maintain real-time visibility into their stock levels, pricing and sales, via a single interface provided by ChannelAdvisor and using a single inventory feed.

Key Trade Me facts:

Trade Me accounts for 70% of NZ’s domestic page impressions
2.9 million members
1.4 billion page impressions each month
35,000 items sell on Trade Me everyday
More than half of Trade Me listings are new items

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