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Rumble in the online retailing jungle at DJ’s

Its always good to see when larger Australian retailers are sitting up and taking note of the effects of social media, electronic media and online retailing.

According to a variety of sources,  David Jones CEO MarK Mcinnes has acknowledged the influential ability of Twitter and Facebook, and David Jones’s desire to be in these digital spaces. Mr Mcinnes also expressed an intention to grow its email database in the near future.

David Jones has also appointed Georgia Chewing as head of digital marketing and e-tail business to assist in improving David Jones’s communication channels.David Jones will explore online retailing over  a 3-5 year period “based on a return on investment model, without incremental logisitcs and systems cost”.

These comments are great news for the Australian online e-tail industry. When national trusted brands like David Jones indicate a potential interest in online retailing, this can only be good in increasing the confidence level of cautious Australian online shoppers.It also sends a signal to other retailers to take action and get into the channel.

Up until now one of the main issues with online retailing in Australia has been lack of trust by many internet users to provide credit card details online, as well as understand how Paypal works. A person recently interviewed asked how anyone can trust an organisation which doesn’t supply a bank account number and relies on your email address to send and receive money. This means there is lots of educating to be done.

We at are excited about David Jones’s anouncement as it represents everything we stand for and believe about the online retail channel. Having a retailer like David Jones entering the online retailing space will certainly give us a lot to talk about.


Sources: The Age

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