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Redbubble loses case against Pokemon, to pay $1 in damages

Independent artist marketplace Redbubble has lost a Federal Court case against The Pokémon Company International (PCI) over an alleged breach of copyright.

PCI had alleged that more than 40,000 search listings on Redbubble’s marketplace platform, where independent artists sell their wares, were related to Pokémon and that this represented an infringement on its intellectual property.

However, while the Federal Court ruled in favour of PCI, it only awarded $1 in damages and declined to award any injunctions against Redbubble.

In an ASX announcement on Tuesday afternoon, Redbubble said that the judgement recognised that it had reasonable and defensible systems and processes in place, and that the decision would not interrupt its ongoing business.

“We remain focused on creating the leading marketplace for independent artists,” CEO Martin Hosking said.

“We are pleased that the judgement recognises the reasonable steps that Redbubble takes to prevent infringements occurring on the platform.

“We have always respected the rights of content owners and continue to work with them in the fight against infringement and piracy across the internet,” he continued.

The conclusion of the case brings an end to a lengthy battle for the online marketplace, which was forced to deal with the pending legal action as it was in the process of raising capital for a run at the ASX last May.

At the time Redbubble said the action could have a material and adverse impact on its business, financial performance and operations.

Redbubble’s share price increased by just over 2 per cent on Tuesday afternoon following the announcement and now sits around 7 per cent under its original issue price of $1.36.

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