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RedBalloon owner acquires experience marketplace Adrenaline

Experience aggregator Big Red Group has made its first acquisition in Adrenaline, a seller of gift vouchers and experiences in Australia.

Adrenaline joins RedBalloon as a subsidiary of Big Red Group, which is now considered the third-largest pure-play experience marketplace in the world, and the largest in Australia.

“The acquisition of the Adrenaline business in Australia complements our existing assets: RedBalloon, known for experience gifting, and, delivering experiences in the B2B reward and recognition space,” BRG co-founder Naomi Simson said.

According to Simson, Adrenaline brings a new, adventure-focused audience to the group, serving BRG’s multi-brand strategy to expand across different audiences and needs.

“We see momentum and demand building for experiences that serve different purposes for our customers – from gifting to team events, bucket lists, travel and the ‘things to do’ market,” Simson said.

While Adrenaline is the first acquisition made by BRG, Simson notes that there are a number of other local and international brands that the group is looking at for future acquisitions.

“Our job is to make sure each customer is being served appropriately, while also growing the business of our partners and deepening our authority in the experience category,” Simson said.

While the brands will remain separate, they will share use of the scalable BRG service, marketing and technology stacks – serving different audiences from the same system.


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