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RangeMe opens 200,000 suppliers to Australasian retailers

Product discovery and sourcing platform RangeMe has fully launched its global service to retailers in Australia, New Zealand, and the wider APAC region, allowing businesses to access 200,000 international suppliers.

A number of businesses are already using the service, such as Blooms the Chemist, Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse, Pet Circle and Pet Culture, and are now able to source new products at a time demand for a wider range of products is growing.

“This will be a transformative experience for [these retailers’] buyers,” said RangeMe chief executive Nicky Jackson.

“Our mission has always been to empower retailers and suppliers to be productive and successful. The world has become a smaller place, but it remains distant for forging strong cross-border buyer and seller relationships

“We built RangeMe to connect buyers and suppliers anywhere in the world.”

RangeMe allows businesses to search and filter for products they want to sell, creating a more specific and intentional supplier relationship. The business is also open for Australian suppliers, which can sign up to be a part of the service and potentially gain new buyers from over 12,000 overseas clients – including Walmart, Sephora, Walgreens and Albertsons.

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