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Popular search terms announced

Retailers take note; the most popular site search terms announced
SLI Systems announces e-retail index to guide online merchants this Christmas

Melbourne, Australia – 15 November 2010 – With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, consumers are already checking popular items off their shopping lists. As e-tailers prepare their sites and inventories for the holiday buying frenzy, SLI Systems, provider of on-demand, intelligent search and navigation solutions and services for e-commerce sites, lends important insight into some of the most popular items on consumers’ minds this year, based on popular search terms.

The SLI Holiday E-Retail Index reviews the most popular site search terms and phrases from a sampling of hundreds of global online retail sites across a range of categories, including apparel, jewelry, consumer electronics, cosmetics and kids toys.

“Consumers begin purchasing Christmas gifts earlier and earlier each year,” said Thierry Costa, vice president of marketing for SLI Systems. “Our proprietary site search data provides unprecedented insight into which items consumers are looking for this season and how they’re conducting their searches. We believe that sharing this data will help retailers better manage their inventories in the lead up to Christmas and ensure they’re providing a compelling shopping experience that more effectively converts browsers to buyers.”

SLI Holiday E-Retail Index Findings, October 2010
The SLI Holiday E-Retail Index identifies trends across a number of popular shopping categories. The October index uncovered the following retail trends:

On a global level, it seems that the most popular trends in jewelry this season are focused on more traditional items, such as diamond stud earrings in all shapes and sizes. In October, online shoppers also sought out ruby and diamond rings and engagement rings, as well as men’s watches, from top designers such as Rolex.

Pharmacy and cosmetics
Global online shoppers are busy looking for chemical-free and skin purifying cosmetics item this year. Products such as sulfate-free shampoo and antioxidant moisturisers are high on shopper’s lists, while make-up kits, hair extensions and eyelash growth products are also frequently sought. At a local level, FatBlaster fared well among shoppers, none too surprising with summer just around the corner.

Kids toys and apparel
When it comes to the kids, brand names such as Lego, Barbie, Nerf and the good old Super Soaker are rating well among local current search terms, as parents look to make a jump on the busy shopping period. Oobi hats, swimming bags and jewellery boxes also rate highly.

Consumer Electronics
In the area of consumer electronics, online shoppers are hot on the trail of new laptops, netbooks and all-in-one printers from brands including HP, Panasonic and Toshiba. Locally, it seems that shoppers are keen to get their hands on anything Apple related, with iPods and iPhones ranking high among the top search terms.

Women’s and Men’s Apparel
For those selling on a global stage, men and women are seeking the best in hoodies, cardigan sweaters and winter boots in preparation for the cool weather overseas. In particular, women are actively seeking out Maxi dresses, while men want the hottest looks in leather jackets.

“It is interesting to see a number of buying trends emerge this year as holiday shopping becomes top of mind for consumers,” said Costa. “We look forward to watching these trends evolve in the coming months and will continue to look for opportunities to share more insightful data, which might help e-tailers prepare for a fruitful season.”

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