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Pet food delivery business rolls out used packaging pick-up service

Melbourne-based pet food business Petzyo, essentially HelloFresh for dogs, has launched a new service aimed at reducing packaging waste in e-commerce.

The retailer is inviting customers to opt in to its Packaging Recuperation Program (PRC) to have packaging from Petzyo orders collected by a driver at a designated pick-up location.

The used packaging is then sorted for reuse and returned to the company’s distribution centre before it becomes waste.

“It’s a cost-neutral exercise that makes a lot of sense from a sustainability point of view,” Petzyo managing director Sam Keil said.

“It just makes sense. It requires a lot of packaging for us to deliver fresh frozen meals that stay cold during the shipment process. By recuperating the packaging components, we can salvage some of these items for reuse.”

Petzyo said it uses “best practice” packaging materials that are highly scalable but also consider the environment.

Founded in 2016, the company officially launched its 100 per cent natural pet food delivery service in March of this year. Just over 200 customers have signed up for the service so far.

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