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Online retailers top the list of ‘Women2Watch in Retail Disruption’

US-based social think tank, Remodista, has published its second annual list of “Women2Watch in Retail Disruption”.

The list recognises 80 women leaders from brands and service providers in the US (70) and Australia (10), who are solving business problems in commerce, supply chain, logistics, operations, marketing, CRM, AI, Internet of Things, wearables and globalisation.

While the list recognises women from both bricks-and-mortar and online retail companies, almost all of the Australian women work in the world of e-commerce, and many of them have previously been featured on Internet Retailing. 

They include Lana Hopkins of Mon Purse, Irene Falcone of Nourished, Julie Mathers of Flora & Fauna, Julie Stevanja of Stylerunner, and Talita Estelle of See below for the full list.

Speaking to Internet Retailing, Hopkins said, “I feel absolutely honoured to be listed in the Remodista’s Women2Watch list for 2017. This award is truly a recognition of my passionate, determined team.”

Estelle told Internet Retailing that programs like Remodista’s “Women2Watch in Retail Disruption” are an important way to share exciting initiatives with the broader community.

“Showcasing outside of the box thinking will undoubtedly inspire others to push the boundaries too, which ultimately will help take the industry to new heights,” she said.

“When I started Esther 13 years ago, I had a vision of using the brand’s voice to influence global social change.  Through the platform I=Change, Esther donates $1 of every order to charity and to date we’ve donated over $150,000 to women and children in need,” she said.

“Being nominated twice is beyond exciting as as it shows the brand is gaining traction which will lead to us being able to impact even more people around the world. Additionally, I always want Esther to stay ahead of the curve, the fact that I’ve been named for the second time is thrilling as it reaffirms the vision and large steps we’ve taken as a brand.”

Remodista’s “Women2Watch in Retail Disruption” – Australia

  • Anne Perera: Founder + CEO, Tech Mentor
  • Elle Aram: CEO + Cofounder, Kini Swimwear
  • Hershey Hilado: Founder + CEO, Ohmagosh
  • Irene Falcone: CEO, Nourished Life
  • Jade Collins: Co-Founder, Femeconomy
  • Julie Mathers: Founder and CEO, Flora & Fauna
  • Julie Stevanja: Founder + CEO, Stylerunner
  • Lana Hopkins: Founder + CEO, Mon Purse
  • Sarah Donges: Founder, Box For Monkeys
  • Talita Estelle: Founder + CEO, Esther
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