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ShopWings and Grocery Butler join forces

Online grocery services ShopWings and Grocery Butler have merged, combining their operations into one single entity under the ShopWings brand.

ShopWings will be supported by start-up accelerator BlueChilli and remain part of the Asia Pacific Internet Group (APACIG), the joint venture between Oreedo and Rocket Internet.

The management team will be led by Guillaume Ang, current COO of ShopWings who will become the CEO of the joined entity, and current CEO of Grocery Butler Michael Parthenides who will lead Melbourne operations. Manutea Dupont, the current MD for ShopWings will remain on the entity’s board of director along with Michael Parthenides.

“The merger accelerates the pace at which we will reach our current 18 month objectives,” said Parthenides, CEO, Grocery Butler. “Their tech focussed team and brilliant technology stack are a perfect match for Grocery Butler. We bring to the table our diverse customer base, more than 80 personal shoppers, a complimentary geographical footprint and a capital-efficient approach to business.”

Under the merger ShopWings will benefit from a single technology platform, enhanced logistics network and a client base of more than 15,000.

“We are very proud to announce this merger which will help us strengthen our geographical footprint,” said Manutea Dupont, current CEO of ShopWings. “We will continue to focus on our unique offerings such as Aldi and Coles in the same order or same day Ikea delivery.”

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