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SPONSORED: The Next Revolution: Retention Marketing

The internet has long been viewed as a single, customer acquisition-only space. In fact, 80 per cent of digital advertising budgets are still spent on search and display ads across Google, Facebook, and numerous other channels, but the world of advertising is changing rapidly, and today we’re looking at a fundamental shift in the technology.

In the same way that the internet is constantly evolving as technology advances, advertising is being transformed by the type of data we are using. There is a deliberate shifting focus from third-party to first-party data. Marketers and advertisers are learning that nothing is more valuable than first-party data in the form of high quality email addresses and mobile phone numbers captured by your CRM and enriched with e-commerce data.

With the access of first person data, retention marketing is the next logical evolution – it’s all about people you know already: your customers. Adopting this new customer-based advertising approach allows marketers to keep up with the evolving digital landscape. By using the right blend of data and technology, marketers can acquire, convert, grow, retain, and win back customers in one seamless omnichannel strategy. Today it’s fully automated and easier to execute than you think.  This guide highlights:

  • The Customer Data Landscape.
  • Available Marketing Technologies.
  • The New Potential of Advertising.
  • The Advertising Power of CRM Data.
  • Advantages of People-Based Advertising.
  • E-Commerce Use Cases

Find out how this new customer-based advertising approach can help you better target and increase your bottom line in our latest whitepaper.

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