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Most popular Australian loyalty programs revealed

Stocard, an app that lets users store loyalty cards on their mobile devices, has revealed the top 10 most popular loyalty programs in Australia based on its database of 1.7 million Australian users.

According to the data, Coles-powered Flybuys took out the top spot with 73 per cent of users being members, followed by Woolworths Rewards with 56 per cent and Myer one with 48 per cent.

The loyalty programs of Priceline, Qantas, Spotlight, Virgin Australia, Dan Murphy’s, Ikea and Event Cinemas round out the top 10.

Women make up 66 per cent of loyalty program members in the top 10 overall, though the gender gap is narrower in certain categories like liquor and airlines.

“What’s interesting with the gender breakdown is the higher percentage of male users within liquor and airline loyalty programs – the top three being My Dan Murphy’s, Velocity Frequent Flyer and Qantas Frequent Flyer,” said Radinck van Vollenhoven, country manager of Stocard ANZ.

“This possibly suggests women value rewards programs for everyday essentials such as shopping for groceries and personal items, while men are more enticed by rewards programs for leisure activities.”

Van Vollenhoven said the popularity of grocery loyalty programs in particular highlights the need for retailers to better connect their in-store experience with mobile.

“Australians visit a supermarket at least once, if not multiple times a week. The popularity of Flybuys and Woolworths Rewards emphasises why it is crucial for retailers to link mobile with the in-store experience,” he said.

“With digital connecting consumers and retailers more than ever before, bridging the gap between online and offline for retailers is key.”

Here is the ranking for the top 10 most popular loyalty programs in Australia:

1. Flybuys
App users who are members: 73%
Female users: 67%
Male users: 33%

2. Woolworths Rewards
App users who are members: 56%
Female users: 65%
Male users: 35%

3. Myer one
App users who are members: 48%
Female users: 75%
Male users: 25%

4. Priceline Sister Club
App users who are members: 37%
Female users: 87%
Male users: 13%

5. Qantas Frequent Flyer
App users who are members: 34%
Female users: 65%
Male users: 35%

6. Spotlight VIP Club
App users who are members: 29%
Female users: 89%
Male users: 11%

7. Velocity Frequent Flyer
App users who are members: 24%
Female users: 61%
Male users: 39%

8. My Dan Murphy’s
App users who are members: 22%
Female users: 58%
Male users: 42%

9. Ikea Family
App users who are members: 16%
Female users: 72%
Male users: 28%

10. Cinebuzz Rewards
App users who are members: 14%
Female users: 70%
Male users: 30%

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