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Modibodi launching first-ever pop-up store

Five years after launching online, Modibodi will open its first pop-up store at Chadstone shopping centre this month, as it looks to encourage more women and girls to switch from traditional products for periods and incontinence to its leak-proof underwear.

The pop-up gives customers a chance to touch and feel Modibodi’s underwear, activewear and swimwear, learn about the brand’s patented technology and connect with other Modibodi customers.

“For many new customers, trusting that Modibodi isn’t going to leak can be daunting. We’ve created a community of customer ambassadors for this reason, to talk honestly about their journey and experiences with Modibodi,” Kristy Chong, founder and CEO of Modibodi, said in a statement.

The pop-up also ties in with Modibodi’s pitch as a sustainable alternative to disposable period and incontinence products.

The store is built entirely out of recycled, upcycled or biodegradable materials, including PVC made from recycled straws and water bottles, eco biodegradable wallpaper, upcycled roof joists and a pre-loved ‘Hills Hoist’ clothesline.

“Modibodi exists for two key reasons; to give people dignity and confidence when managing periods or bladder leaks, and to do better for the environment,” Chong said.

“We’ve created our first ever pop-up store to continue our journey to break down taboos and help people to understand and embrace their bodies, while also looking out for the planet. Ensuring that the pop-up was environmentally friendly was a no brainer for us.”

The pop-up will tour Australia, starting at Chadstone in Melbourne from October 28-November 3, before moving to Indooroopilly shopping centre in Brisbane from November 5-10 and ending up at Macquarie shopping centre in Sydney from November 11-17 to coincide with National Recycling Week.

Chong recently sold a majority stake in her business to Quadrant Growth Fund, a private equity investor that also has taken a majority stake in Adore Beauty.

Modibodi is the market leader in leak-proof underwear in Australia and has a strong position in the UK and France, with close to 200,000 active customers, according to Quadrant.

In a statement about the sale, Chong said Quadrant would help Modibodi reach more customers globally.

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