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Global digital agency, Reactive has launched an exciting new initiative in the world of wine. The initiative uses Quick Reader (QR) codes displayed on wine labels that can be scanned by smartphones, to launch a webpage that gives users immediate access to information about the particular wine.


Fromm Winery is a New Zealand winery in the Marlborough region, producing esteemed wines since 1992, developing a reputation for crafting distinctive single vineyard wines with chief winemakers Hätsch Kalberer and William Hoare.

If you don’t already have a QR Reader on your phone, the process is as easy as going to your mobile phone ‘App Store’ such as the Apple App Store and searching for ‘QR code reader’, download your choice of free app, then scan the code on a bottle of Fromm to find information about the wines and wine style and watch a two minute film about the winery and vineyards, then choose your preferred bottle.


“QR codes are a significant step forward for the NZ wine industry, as they allow wineries to communicate with the wine consumer in ways that weren’t possible previously. This makes the back label come alive and allows people to interact directly with the winery. When accessing the QR code it should almost make you feel like you are standing in the vineyard with us” says General Manager and Fromm Winemaker William Hoare.


QR code’s have multiple applications within the wine industry such as on wine lists, in restaurants or in promotional campaigns such as new vintage releases, pre-empting the immediate need for wine knowledge for those who wish to become wine connoisseurs or simply be more informed about their purchase.


Reactive were selected to build the mobile optimised pages that sit behind the codes. Reactive’s team came up with the most streamlined solution with ease of function through all smartphones. The mobile application launched in mid May, leading the way for wine education on-the-go. Perfect for the modern information seeking consumer.


“QR codes are being used worldwide and are starting to gain momentum in New Zealand and Australia, plus mobile websites are growing rapidly due to the convenience they provide. QR codes are cost effective and can produce immediate consumption outcomes, as they help consumers make the best choice for themselves. There are opportunities to link these codes to social media and promotional campaigns.” says Reactive Joint Managing Director, Tim O’Neill.

QR codes are becoming a worldwide phenomenon, used extensively throughout Asia in particular.

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