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Mia Fratino closes online store in Black Friday protest

Ethical and sustainable knitwear brand Mia Fratino has closed its online store in protest at the wastage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Last year, the brand launched a #noplayblackfriday campaign which advocated against the fast-fashion-driven sales season.

Mia Fratino co-founder Amy Jones said the campaign received “overwhelming support” and created an impact.

“This isn’t about condemning consumers or brands, instead empowering and educating shoppers to make mindful genuine purchases.”

Jones added the brand doesn’t promote sales during this period but rather rewards loyal customers with private access to archival lines in an “organic and less contrived” way.

“We’re asking consumers to resist the sweeping tide of urgency and immediacy that comes with these sales promotions and consider the impact of your purchase and the footprint of the companies you support.”

The label has encouraged customers to repair and restore garments over replacements.

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