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MealPal drops subscription model to grow business

Lunch pick-up service MealPal has discontinued its subscription model in Australia, switching instead to a commitment-free model that promises customers a “lower price, more flexibility, and greater restaurant choice”.

While the service previously offered a 12-meal lunch plan worth $7.99 per meal, MealPal now offers individual lunches for between $6.99 and $10.99, hoping to capture customers who were previously unwilling to commit to a subscription plan. 

“We know that our subscribers love saving time and money. With this transition, we’ll be able to help even more consumers save time and money while eating at some of the best restaurants in Australia,” MealPal chief executive and co-founder Mary Biggins said. 

According to the business, the new model has allowed over 100 new restaurants to join the service, with variable prices allowing higher-end eateries, fast-casual restaurants and cafes to fit into the ecosystem. 

Despite the potentially higher price per meal, MealPal maintains the service will represent a 25 to 50 per cent savings on the menu price. 

The service allows customers to “reserve” lunch from over 500 participating restaurants, in which the restaurant offers a daily dish for customers to order in advance which is cooked and prepared to be picked up at a designated time – allowing customers to skip the queue. 

Available restaurants include Burger Project, Rolld, Lord of the Fries, Zeus, and Pokéd.

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