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LISTEN: So Unusual on getting started in e-commerce

Internet Retailing contributor, Chloë Thomas, chats with her first Australian guest, Kerry Williams, following the launch of her online store, So Unusual.

Speaking on the eCommerce Masterplan podcast just seven weeks after the launch of her online homewares and gift store, Williams shares her tips for coping with fluctuating order volumes as a start-up, how to build a loyal customer base and the importance of stock turn and product differentiation.

So Unusual differentiates itself in the competitive homewares market by ranging products which can’t be found anywhere else in the Australian market and focusing on the customer.

“My philosophy is when a customer says jump I say, how high?” Williams said.

Her top tip for managing underperforming stock is to respond quickly.

“Bite the bullet quickly,” Williams said. “Don’t hesitate, the minute you see something is a dog, in other words it’s not a good seller, just get rid of it. You are far better off freeing up your cash to be able to purchase other products, albeit at a minimal profit or even a loss.”

Listen to the full interview here:

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