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Learn about automating your business at minimal cost

Software 320x190I would like to extend an invitation to you to join me in Melbourne on 23 October to experience insights into the challenges businesses face as they scale up and order volumes increase and how easy, inexpensive and simple it is to meet these challenges.

I’ll share with you some tales of expensive inefficiency to those of efficient cost savings. I’ll also introduce you to a wonderful friend of mine; Richard Marshall an expert in cloud based order management, inventory and warehousing systems. A zero cost opportunity for you to ask questions and hear about ways of automating and integrating your existing website and business in a relaxed and fun environment, and you can be back in the office by 10am if you want to ?

In this brief encounter i’ll talk about the problems growing business’s experience and explain how to tackle them. Richard will discuss the surprising affordability of cloud based systems and fast time to launch.

We have around 15 spaces, please reserve your spot at no charge to you . If you can’t make it, let us know so we can give your seat to someone else. To reserve your seat click HERE, its free – Retailers and B2B eCommerce only

Mark Freidin – Chief Guerilla

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