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Kiwis increasingly keen on e-commerce

E-commerce sales now make up over six per cent of retail spending, according to the New Zealand Commerce Commission’s 2016 Consumer Issues Report.

The report, which shows the impact of continued growth in e-commerce, revealed online retail is continuing to attract consumers.

“The global market place is increasing competition and forcing retailers to be more innovative and creative in how they market their products to consumers,” said Paul Goldsmith, Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister.

Goldsmith said along with online retail’s continued growth, however, they have also seen an increase in fair trading complaints.

“Online mediums are now responsible for 34 per cent of fair trading complaints to Commission,” he said.

“It is important to remember that even though there may not be a physical shop for a consumer to return to, New Zealand online retailers are still subject to the Fair Trading Act and Consumer Guarantees Act.”

Law changes in 2014 require that online sellers who are acting in trade disclose this so consumers know that these protections apply.

The report, produced by the Commerce Commission annually, also highlights a range of other issues that are affecting consumers, such as contract terms and conditions and invoicing.

This story first appeared on our sister site, Inside Retail New Zealand

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