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Kathmandu revamps its loyalty program, now dubbed Out There Rewards

Kathmandu has redesigned its reward program ‘Summit Club’ – launched in 1994 – to the all-new ‘Out There Rewards’. 

Kathmandu describes the transformation as “a watershed moment” for the brand, by transitioning from a standard spend-and-save approach to a structure that allows members to progress through four levels as they spend more time outdoors.

While the new program retains many of the elements that members enjoy – including access to exclusive offers, member reward vouchers, and birthday vouchers – Out There Rewards delivers three key new elements dedicated to improving member experience: a simplified member sign-up and identification, rewards for members who get out in nature, and an engaging and interactive Member Hub. 

“Within our market, most outdoor retailers are focussed on providing value to members through discounts, and those more progressive are providing events and exclusivity,” said Kathmandu’s loyalty program manager, Elaine Nguyen. 

“While these elements are great and serve a purpose, we placed importance on taking it that step further by rewarding members for enjoying outdoor activities, like hiking, bushwalking, visiting a national park, discovering a waterfall, admiring the view or discovering a new trail.”

Kathmandu launched a new circular initiative, Kathman-Redu, in July, with the goal of giving new life to broken stock and recycling unsellable goods in a more meaningful way.

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