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Instagram survey reveals consumer behaviour

Instagram has released the results of a survey, providing new insight into Australian user behaviour and the impact of the social platform on small businesses.

More than 1000 Instagram users aged 18 years and older and more than 100 business users from businesses with less than 250 employees participated in the survey conducted by AudienceNet in November 2017.

Sixty-seven per cent of users surveyed said that Instagram helps them find new products, services, businesses or organisations, and 53 per cent said they have bought a product based on what they’ve seen on the platform. Sixty-six per cent follow a business on the platform.

The survey revealed that Instagram plays a role in a wide range of consumer purchase decisions, with 60 per cent of user survey respondents saying they have visited a restaurant or cafe, 48 per cent have tried a new workout and 43 per cent have been to an event because of something they’ve seen on the platform.

Business users reported a positive association between their presence on Instagram and sales, with 63 per cent saying the platform has helped increase sales for their business.

Business users surveyed also said that Instagram is helping them reach customers in remote locations, including overseas. Sixty-seven per cent agreed that the platform helps them to connect to international customers.

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