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Inside Domino’s Brisbane innovation lab

Domino’s is out to woo Australia’s tech community, opening its Brisbane HQ up to start-ups and entrepreneurs.

The innovation lab, known as DLAB, was opened this week and the fast food chain is hoping the open plan space will attract a dynamic range of start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Domino’s has enjoyed a lift in profits off the back of tech investments such as GPS driver tracking and emoji ordering.

Domino’s CEO, Don Meij, said the space will focus on connecting like-minded people, building, delivering, testing and taking learnings and applying them quickly to the business.

“This is a dedicated innovation space set to encourage out-of-the-box thinking both internally to benefit Domino’s customers and externally supporting start-ups, entrepreneurs and disruptive thinkers,” said Meij.

“Innovations driven from the DLab will focus on adding value to the customer and the overall store experience and will allow us to remain competitive on a global scale.”


The 153sqm innovation open space is designed to house up to 30 to 50 people at any time, and offers a number of collaboration spaces and meeting rooms, as well as four break out areas including a backyard tool shed, gaming, garden terrace and library inspired area.

Having travelled the world with Domino’s markets in Europe and Japan, as well as regular trips to Silicon Valley and Seattle, Meij said he is committed to helping drive the innovation agenda in Australia.

“It’s great to go to these incredible cities and learn and be inspired from the best but we need the great entrepreneurial talent we have in Australia to remain here and to not go searching for opportunities offshore.

“We need to be able to cultivate innovation right here in Australia so that we can spark change and push out of our comfort zones – that’s what we intend to deliver out of the DLab and we can’t wait to see what ideas are cooked up,” Meij said.



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