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Ikea’s Game of Thrones instructions go viral

Revelations that TV series Game of Thrones adapted Ikea rugs as capes for its characters have led to the retailer issuing a spoof set of instructions.

Created by its advertising agency SMFB and shared on Ikea’s Norwegian Facebook page, the instructions feature the simple line drawings typical of the company’s furniture-assembly manuals, and offer a three-step process for turning one of its sheepskin rugs into a Game of Thrones cape.

Step one is to cut the rug where indicated by a dotted line to create a hole for the head and neck. Step two directs the wearer to place the rug on their shoulders, while the third step shows the wearer instantly morphed into a bearded swordsman with flowing locks and a thick fur cloak.

Ikea shared the depictions last week after a story was released about its rugs being co-opted by the series’ costume designers for its seventh season – admitted by key designer Michele Clapton during an event in Los Angeles last year. Her comments have finally found their way on line.

“These capes are actually Ikea rugs,” she said in reference to the wardrobe for the Night’s Watch, a brotherhood whose members endure the coldest climate in the fantasy land of Westeros. “It’s a bit of a trick. We cut and we shaved them, and added leather straps then broke them down.”

After the story was reported by publications as diverse as Buzzfeed and Business Insider, Ikea’s UK textile sales leader Carol McSeveney said her team was flattered to be included in the show.

SMFB creative Pia Ølstad says the agency was inspired to make the graphic because the Game of Thrones cape anecdote resonated with how the team saw Ikea’s brand identity, reports

“Through our six-year-long relationship with Ikea Norway, we’ve learned that there is nothing it loves more than when people take its products and make them their own.”

Earlier this year, the flat-pack furniture specialist released a spot-the-difference guide after its iconic blue tote bag was copied by fashion house Balenciaga.

This story first appeared on our sister site, Inside Retail Asia.

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