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Ikea launches AI-powered mixed-reality experience

Ikea Australia has launched Ikea Kreativ, a free mixed-reality experience powered by AI that provides customers with a simple and intuitive method to design and rethink their living environments.  

Customers can use Ikea Kreativ to scan their living space, remove some or all of the current furnishings, then drag and drop Ikea furniture and home decor to experiment with new styling options. 

Ikea Kreativ, available free on the Ikea app or online, is a patented technology that uses visual AI similar to that used in self-driving cars to power a 3D model reconstruction of real-world living spaces. 

“This is a significant investment for Ikea in cutting-edge digital AI technology which is market-leading for a home furnishing retailer in Australia,” said Giovanni Rutigliano, Ikea Australia’s digital manager. 

“Ikea Kreativ is part of our ambition to create a seamless omnichannel experience for our customers, so they can interact and shop with Ikea however, whenever and wherever they choose. With the addition of Kreativ to the Ikea app, we’re offering our customers the opportunity to confidently design and shop the products straight from their mobile device.”   

According to Ikea, the company is investing in digital technology and has purchased Geomagical Labs, a Silicon Valley AI company specialising in photorealistic virtual and mixed reality, to provide this experience to its clients. 

Ikea Kreativ digitally opens a range of home possibilities, including moving into a new home or room, renovating existing rooms, and analysing how a new piece could go with existing furnishings. 

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