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Home returns collection service a sought-after service for shoppers

New research shared by courier service CouriersPlease (CP) has revealed that an overwhelming 88 per cent of Australian shoppers would be more likely to purchase from a retailer that provided at-home returns collection service, with 64 per cent even willing to pay for the service.

In a survey of 1,010 online shoppers, the report noted that 28 per cent would pay more than $10 for such a service. In the last year, 42 per cent of Australians returned online purchases

With more consumers than ever shopping online and making returns, the survey highlighted a growing desire for at-home services for the sake of convenience and security.

This is more true for younger shoppers as 70 per cent of 18-50-year-olds were willing to pay for a collection service, compared with just 56 per cent of over-50s. 32 per cent of 18-30-year-olds and 31 per cent of 31-50-year-olds were also willing to pay more than $10 for such a service, compared with just 23 per cent of over-50s.

Jessica Ip, Chief Transformation Officer at CP, commented,“The last two years of restrictions and heightened fears around contracting the virus has propelled more consumers to consider services that reduce contact and don’t require them to leave their homes as much. Consumers are also demanding more convenience in both parcel deliveries and returns. The fact that so many shoppers are willing to pay for services that simplify this process signifies how priorities have shifted over the last two years.”

She added, “We recommend retailers consider offering customers parcel collection services to give them more control over their returns, ensure the process is convenient and keep them safe and healthy, particularly during the upcoming flu season. It allows for a more streamlined returns process and, with more Australians returning to workplaces and generally juggling multiple priorities, shoppers won’t be overwhelmed by the thought of dropping off parcels during inconvenient business hours.”

Ip concluded, “I also encourage retailers to look for ways to innovate and improve the customer experience, through offering more alternative delivery methods, partnering with a courier service known for transparent parcel notifications and a strong track record for fast deliveries, or considering new technologies that allow for a more convenient, swift and safe online shopping and returns process.”

The story is originally published on Inside Small Business.

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