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Hero Packaging seeks crowdfunding for American foray

Eco-friendly packaging company Hero Packaging has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise capital for expansion.

The company specialises in zero-waste compostable packaging that is designed to break down completely in the environment. The brand has partnered with Equitise to raise funds for further expansion into the US, where it has already set up a business, and in Canada.

Co-founder Anaita Sarkar said there is a real demand for eco-friendly products now. She believes crowdfunding will help the company meet growth targets more quickly compared to traditional capital-raising routes.

“Hero Packaging is currently growing at a rate of knots and the opportunities are there for savvy investors who want to throw their support behind a high-performance company that’s out there doing some good things for the environment.”

Vik Dave, co-founder of Hero Packaging said a growing number of customers are putting the environment first when making purchasing decisions.

“We are committed to finding real solutions to the environmental crisis caused by plastic pollution. We know this resonates deeply with our customers which is why we’ve chosen the crowdfunding route to raise capital,” he said.

In the three years since its inception, the company has been able to turn over an excess of $7 million and has helped over 40,000 customers worldwide.

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